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   Choosing to enter psychotherapy is never an easy decision.  Recognizing there are problems that you need help with, then finding someone you can trust and feel safe enough to open up to can feel daunting at times. Thank-you for considering me. 

Psychotherapy can be a wonderful opportunity to understand yourself more deeply while addressing troubling aspects of your life and making needed changes. Although it can be a fascinating time of discovery, it can also be difficult and at times painful. Building a safe and trusting relationship with your therapist is the key to successful outcomes in therapy. In my work this is primary.

I have been in private practice in the East Bay for 28 years. My work combines insight and intuition, with a warm, open and interactive style. I approach healing from a non-judgmental, caring and respectful place. I have a deep appreciation and faith in the human experience and the capacity for each one to heal, at our own pace, in our own way. Being seen, heard and understood enables us to access deeper levels of our own innate wisdom. My role is to meet the client where they are and help facilitate their deeper knowing, aiding them in opening, understanding and ultimately moving past that which blocks wholeness. By building on the trust and safety we establish, I help the client, through the unfolding of their story, to come to a greater sense of understanding, self-love and self-acceptance which will enable healing and forgiveness to arise naturally.

In my practice I see individuals, couples and families in all walks of life, however I have special interest in Life Transitions, including marriage, birth, parenting, divorce, adolencence and death and grieving.

Welcome to my practice. I hope you will find the information you need to see if working with me is a choice you would like to make.  Feel free to contact me for further information.

New Service Offered: Conflict Mediation and Divorce Mediation Consulting Services. Click here for details.

Telephone or Live Internet VideoCam Counseling available. Click here for details.