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Graceful Transitions

softening into the unknown

About Us

What if ...

for a moment, we actually believed we were far more powerful than even we could imagine?

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What if ...

we saw everything happening in our lives as exactly what we need, as perfectly right?

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What if ...

we believed that there are no mistakes, that all is as it should be?

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Everything is here to teach us,

everything offers us an opportunity to soften more into our authentic selves with compassion & self-acceptance, allowing healing & forgiveness to arise naturally.


How might this perspective help us navigate life’s transitions more fully and gracefully?


to my practice.

About Alisa Genovese, MFT


I am a seasoned psychotherapist in private practice for over 30 years, specializing in life transitions as a time of richness and growth. These include marriage, birth, parenting, divorce, aging, career transitions, and loss and grieving.


My work is largely as an innate wisdom coach, I believe you'll learn to listen and trust your own innate wisdom, as we work collaboratively to move you past what's blocking wholeness. If given the right support and nurturance, our psyches, much like our bodies, will naturally move towards healing and higher consciousness.

My work combines insight and intuition with a warm, open, and interactive style.


I work with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. 

"healing, at its deepest core, is about self-love and self-acceptance."

- Alisa Genovese -

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