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Philosophy & Approach

Philosophy & Approach

Life is but a series of transitions that even when anticipated or wanted, can be fraught with challenge.  New chapters often have bumpy beginnings.


While change will happen, transformation is in our hands.


We can learn to dance with eloquence and grace, as we let go into each unfolding stage, experiencing the richness, lessons, opportunities and wisdom each new stage brings while minimizing potential pain and harm.

Sometimes we just need the right support — a safe place to drop into the vulnerability of being human to enable us to access our unique voices, find our own inner truth and take needed steps from a place of clarity and courage without fear. 


Choosing to reach out for support is a courageous move. I honor and respect that. Building a safe and trusting relationship with your therapist is the key to successful outcomes in therapy.


In my work, this is primary.


Being a seasoned therapist I have seen that life’s many transitions offer us the richest time for growth and understanding of ourselves and others. 


Transitions, no matter how desired, create an imbalance to the familiar.   It is in this imbalance that I believe we are offered a portal into what is deeper within us, often bringing along with the challenges opportunities for clarity, softness, and hopefully with time, more love and compassion, both for self and others.


If given the right support and nurturance, our psyches, much like our bodies, will naturally move towards healing and higher consciousness. I see the healing journey as a collaborative one, trusting that you hold the answers to your own questions.

What I bring to my work is my full presence, experience, empathetic insight, warmth, humor, and an ability to create a safe and trusting environment. I bring together aspects of body, mind, and soul in the journey of exploration and healing. 



  • BA in psychology and religious studies, UC Santa Barbara

  • MA in transpersonal psychology, John F Kennedy University. Orinda, California


  • Certified conflict mediator, emphasis on divorce mediation in collaborative practice

Specialized Training

Relevant Trainings

I have a special interest in working across divides, particularly racial and political ones. I've spent the last decade studying racial issues and the impact of white privilege on dominant cultural norms.

  • Unpacking white privilege: race, rank, resilience and repair: 6 week course. Lane Ayre. Berkeley CA 2019

  • White Fragility and Resilience Daylong. Robin D’Angelo, Oakland CA 2018

  • Deep Democracy: Process Work training. Arnie and Amy Mindel, Eugene OR 2017

  • Let’s get real: Unlearning Racism and Internalized Racism. Stir Fry Seminars. Berkeley CA 2010

  • Non-violent communication (NVC): Basic skills course. Bay NVC. Oakland CA 2011

  • NVC: compassionate communication across racial divides. Bay NVC. Oakland CA 2011

  • NVC: Mindful Self-compassion. Bay NVC. Oakland CA 2011

  • Mindful Facilitation Skills. Stirfry Seminars. Berkeley CA 2010 

Additional Training

Additional Training

  • Certified in Collaborative practice: fundamentals and principles of collaborative practice. Sacramento collaborative group, 2016



  • Attachment-Focused EMDR: Laurel Parnell. (Her approach to EMDR is the approach that I use most in my practice.)

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