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individual therapy

Individual Therapy

The healing journey is a collaborative one. Only you hold the answers to your own questions. Sometimes we just need a supportive space to go inward, to reflect, listen and learn to find our own truth, our own voice and learn how to use it. 


Areas of specialty: 

Transition to parenting

  • pre-and post partum adjustments

  • adoption infertility pregnancy loss

  • parenting challenges

  • child development specialist birth through teens

  • children with differences


Divorce and its impacts

  • decision to divorce

  • steps to take

  • impacts on children

  • divorce coaching

  • co-parenting

  • remarriage

  • blending families




ADD: adult/child 

Mid-life/aging transitions 

Spiritual challenges 

Career stress changes 

Sexual orientation and identity challenges

Cultural/racial issues and impacts of oppression

Trained and certified in EMDR

couples & family
mediation & resolution

In the end,

only three things matter:

How much you loved, How gently you lived, and How gracefully you let go of that which was not meant for you.


Mediation & Resolution

The key to any successful interaction, whether it be in personal or business relationships, is our word choice, tone, clarity, and connection to our needs and intentions.

Divorce Mediation Services:

  • help determining the right path for you if considering divorce

  • offering collaborative divorce coaching, including with child specialists & co-parent counseling

  • drafts MSA agreements in collaboration with lawyer mediators

  • works out custody agreements

  • counsels co-parents pre- & post-divorce

Communication Coaching:

Facilitates effective communications across any interaction regardless of challenge or complexity.

I assist all parties to feel heard and considered while reducing conflict, and reaching a resolution or agreed understanding. 


I empower people to find and use their voice effectively, to know they are being heard and received.


Finally, I help all parties believe that healing and resolution is possible. 

You don’t need to be accepted by others. you need to accept yourself.

— Thích Nhát Hanh —

Couples & Family 


Conflict and discord are an inevitable part of family and couple relations. If navigated with skill and approached with openness and curiosity, instead of fear — clarity, growth, and deepened intimacy are possible. 

Offering support:

  • Communication coaching

  • Conflict management

  • Sexuality/intimacy challenges: designing a relationship that works for you

  • Coping with betrayal 

  • Co-dependency 


Offering divorce counseling and mediation

  • Support for navigating the rocky terrain of divorce and separation 

  • Finding the right path to take for your family 

  • Protecting children during transition

Additional Mediation & Resolution Services

  • Interpersonal disputes: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers

  • Small business solutions including coaching for co-worker conflicts, impasses, or help with new directions

  • Issues related to race and gender discrimination or oppression

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

  • Trust and Estate mediation

online therapy

Online Therapy

Offering online therapy for residents of North Carolina and California. 

Telemental health is a convenient, secure and accepted form of therapy. It offers the ability to receive ongoing support and therapeutic intervention while remaining in the safety of your chosen location.

I am licensed to practice with residents in North Carolina (2050) and California (MFT30365).


All services available for online clients.


I use a secure and HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform to enable a simple and fully confidential psychotherapy experience.


  • a private space

  • reliable internet with minimum 300kbps (1 Mbps is ideal) for your chosen device

If this sounds like a possible option for you, please schedule a phone consult to discuss getting you set up to begin.


Be sure to check your insurance plan to see if you're covered for telemental health services.



To schedule:

I am licensed to practice in North Carolina (2050) and California (MFT30365). I also provide telemental health.

As of August 2019, my physical office is located in Asheville NC.


I accept California clients for online therapy.

fees & policies


Psychotherapy Sessions are 50 min in length. Longer sessions available upon request. 


Divorce mediation and conflict mediation sessions are generally 120 min long initially, with longer sessions when needed. 

We discuss fees and scheduling during our initial phone consult.

Please refer to my policies form for further details of my office policies, or download and sign the below Word document.



I accept cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

Sessions are self-pay.


I provide Superbill for insurance reimbursement. Please check with your insurance carrier to see what coverage you have for mental health in person and telemental health. A statement for billing will be provided upon request.

I offer limited amount of sliding scale slots through Open Path Collective for financially qualifying uninsured or underinsured individuals and couples.

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